Reynera is a company 100 % Mexican. Founded in Monterrey, Nuevo León, it has transcended and managed to place itself in millions of homes in Mexico for over 100 years. Reynera has more than 1000 collaborators in Cadereyta and the entire Mexican Republic, where we have a strong presence in supermarkets, home improvement stores, and wholesalers in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Reynera is proudly one of the 5 largest manufacturers of corn brooms. Our product is made by hand and transcends borders.

Nowadays, Reynera makes corn brooms but has also specialized in the manufacture of other cleaning products such as mops, plastic brooms, and brushes. Since 1980, Reynera saw that homes in Mexico were changing, from the size of the homes to the habits of use of these spaces, and it was when it promoted the development of this entire range of products.

Thus, always with a forward vision, Reynera offers consumer-oriented solutions to make cleaning a simple task, but also offering it at a fair price, always concerned about the economy of those who buy our brand, and always offering a quality product, as we have been doing since 1918.

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