At Reynera, we are constantly looking for new products, new ways to help make cleaning easier. Because of this, we invest a lot of time and effort in improving the design of our products, doing performance and quality tests to offer innovation in our products that fulfill our mission to make cleaning a simple task.

The new Round Bowl Brush allows you to reach the spaces and edges of the toilet bowl where others don’t reach. In addition, its Ultra-Fibers Angular Scrubbing Brush is perfect for removing sediment stains that can accumulate, all this without scratching or damaging the toilet bowl.

The design of the new Iron Handle Scrubber, which is the favorite of million homes in Mexico, is more ergonomic and much more comfortable to hold. So, when you have to scrub, it requires less effort for a better result; it’s super comfortable and easy to use.

For minor stains or scrubbing in a particular area, the Small Handle Scrubber makes cleaning easier. This is perfect for removing stains in clothes, like juice or food stain. All this with our new handle that provides a better grip for effortless scrubbing.

These new designs bring new solutions for cleaning at home. Reynera, always with you.