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Reynera offers a wide range of products dedicated to and specially designed to clean your business. No matter what business you have, our products meet the goal of transforming environments into comfortable spaces for everyone.

Indoors, Premium Microfiber, Machine washable.


Great coverage for efficient cleaning, saving time. Excellent cleaning of pet hair and dust. Dry use for dusting and wet use for mopping. Ideal for hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. Easy wash microfiber.

Indoors and outdoors, extra durable


Black folding dustpan with a long handle for greater comfort. Its wider opening at the front allows for more effective cleaning and collection of larger debris. The tray features a lock to stay upright and in place. It does not flip while closed. Easy to store thanks to its folding design and lid to hang.

Outdoors, extra durable.


Designed with high-quality, soft-sweeping fibers to prevent damage to floors. Ideal for outdoor use and large surfaces. 14” resistant block that is made with recovered polypropylene and PET fibers. It can be easily stored thanks to its integrated cap.

Reynera Pro

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