At Reynera, we celebrated the first 100 years of operation; and to celebrate, we have designed four “CENTENARY EDITION” products. The iconic product of this celebration is the GIANT ANGLE BROOM, designed with three characteristics that make it unique in Mexico, it has the largest sweep area, a reinforced connector that prevents the handle from coming off and lasts much longer in your home, and a cushion grip that allows you to handle the broom much easier and a more comfortable grip.

In addition to the broom, in this Reynera Centenary celebration, you will find the Traditional Dustpan, which, with its extra-long handle and rear support, makes collecting dust and garbage from the floor much easier. The Traditional Mop, made of cotton, gives you a superior level of absorption; in addition, it does not scratch the floors of your house, and finally, the Deluxe Bowl Brush with Caddy is the favorite for cleaning the toilet since its high-quality fibers do not keep odors, and its ergonomic handle allows for more comfortable handling and grip.

This is how we celebrate 100 years of what we are all about, offer the best cleaning solutions. Because at Reynera, we have known you all our lives.